Spicy Tikka Masala Potato Chips

These crunchy chips are seasoned with the rich and creamy flavor of real yogurt and a bold blend of hot Indian spices.


Topical seasoning blends are available in 50-pound bags, 1,000-pound totes and in customized packs.

Percentage Description
90.00% Lightly Salted Potato Chips
10.00% DairiConcepts Tikka Masala Seasoning 900432240


  1. Put potato chips in tumbler. Turn on tumbler.
  2. Apply heat gun to chips while tumbling to bring oil out of chips.
  3. Place seasoning in shaker and lightly shake seasoning onto potato chips while tumbling.
  4. Turn heat gun off and allow chips to cool while tumbling.
  5. Turn tumbler off and enjoy the chips!

Benefits of DairiConcepts Topical Seasoning Blends

  • Ready to use
  • Long shelf life
  • On-trend, customized flavors
  • Consistent coverage
  • Blend well with other dry ingredients
  • Made with real dairy ingredients
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