Vermont Cheddar Popcorn

Our high quality dairy powder made with Vermont and other Cheddar cheeses adds a sharp, full-bodied flavor to classic popcorn.


Powders are available in 50 lb. bags, 1,000 lb. totes and in customized packs.

Percentage Description
48.00% Fresh Popped Popcorn
28.70% Corn Oil (or any oil of choice)
23.30% DairiConcepts Vermont Cheddar Powder 35372


  1. Mix corn oil and DairiConcepts’ Vermont Cheddar powder #35372 together to make a slurry and warm slowly.
  2. Place fresh popped popcorn into tumbler. Tumble slowly while blowing hot air onto tumbler with heat gun.
  3. Begin spraying the corn oil and Vermont Cheddar Powder slurry onto popcorn while tumbling.
  4. Remove heat gun and continue tumbling until popcorn has cooled.
  5. Serve and enjoy.

Benefits of DairiConcepts Powders

  • Ready to use
  • Convenient handling and storage
  • Long shelf life
  • Perfect for dry and rehydrated food items
  • Flavor strengths surpass natural dairy ingredients
  • Blend well with other dry ingredients
  • Organic and kosher selections
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