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Ascentra® Sodium-Reducing Flavor Enhancer is a clean label dairy powder that naturally amplifies the perception of salt and other savory nuances in a broad range of food systems as it lowers sodium content. By enhancing existing savory flavors, Ascentra® yields a richer, more rounded flavor than is available through traditional, all-salt formulas.

DairiConcepts Wins the 2018 IFT Food Tech Summit Expo Innovation Award

DairiConcepts wins the 2018 IFT Food Tech Summit Expo Innovation Award with ASCENTRA®, our clean-label, sodium-reducing flavor enhancer!

Ascentra® is an Award Winner


Ascentra® is an Award Winner of the 2018 American Society of Baking (ASB) Innovation Awards in the Health, Wellness and Nutrition category! The ASB Innovation Awards program celebrates industry leaders and companies in the grain based food industry for their innovative development and implementation of leading edge products, equipment design and advancements in ingredient technology.

Read our white paper and learn how to use lower levels of sodium chloride in commercially manufactured foods with Ascentra™ Sodium-Reducing Flavor Enhancer.


Made from a proprietary, whole milk-based fermentation process, Ascentra® is gluten-free and contains no monosodium glutamate (MSG), hydrolysed vegetable protein (HVP) or yeast extract. This versatile ingredient can also help reduce ingredient costs by providing opportunities to replace higher-cost ingredients with more economical ones.


  • Produces rich savory notes that enhance umami effects, meat, cheese and vegetable flavors
  • Clean label, gluten-free, no preservatives
  • Rich in potassium without potassium chloride (no metallic flavor notes)
  • Available on maltodextrin or nonfat dry milk carriers
  • Kosher, rBST-free and other certifiable versions upon special request

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