Clean Label

What if you could have a “cleaner” label? What would a new organic product do for your sales? What if your ingredients partner was right there with you on natural flavors and colors, rBST-free dairy, kosher and halal ingredients? We go deep into R&D on each of these segments every day. Now more than ever, we’re ready to bring new ideas to you.

Organic Ingredients

Our organic products follow USDA guidelines, whether you desire to label your products as “Organic” or “Made with Organic Ingredients.” With seven USDA National Organic Program (NOP) certified facilities, DFA Ingredient Solutions leads the industry in organic dairy product production. Learn more about our organic dairy products.

Kosher Ingredients

All kosher milk ingredients must be derived from kosher animals. Kosher dairy products must not contain non-kosher additives or meat products or meat derivatives. In contrast, many types of non-kosher cheeses are manufactured with animal fats and animal enzymes.

All of our manufacturing facilities are certified to produce kosher dairy ingredients. 

Cleaner Label Ingredients

With advanced technical formulation expertise, we offer a variety of cleaner label options. We can also help you with custom dairy-inspired ingredients.

Our clean label opportunities in Dairy Powders, Concentrated Pastes, Seasoning Blends and Dairy-type Flavors can include:

  • No artificial colors / Natural colors only
  • No artificial flavors / Natural flavors only
  • No DSP or Sodium Phosphate
  • No Xanthan gum
  • No PHO
  • No MSG
  • No Citric Acid
  • No Mono & Diglyceride
  • No Sorbic Acid
  • No Sodium Citrate
  • No Sodium Caseinate

If our products don’t meet your needs, our team of experts can formulate to your requirements.

Halal Ingredients

Halal certification is a voluntary process by which a credible Islamic organization certifies that a company’s products can be lawfully consumed by Muslims. Many of DairiConcepts® products are or can be certified as Halal. All of our manufacturing facilities are certified to produce halal dairy ingredients.

Non-GMO Ingredients

Non-GMO products from DFA Ingredient Solutions do not include any raw materials containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which are plants or animals whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Because of the overlapping requirements, most non-GMO products are also certified as organic.

We work with the Non-GMO Project for product verification when required.


For those who might not be able to meet our minimum order quantities, you can now order some of our ingredients from our online store, including cheese powder, concentrated pastes, and seasoning blends. 

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