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Looking to add a vibrant zing to your snack dips and salad dressings?

DairiConcepts can help. For over 20 years, our innovative dairy ingredients have helped boost dairy flavor in dips and dressings for food manufacturers just like you – all in a clean label package. 

Consumers are making dips the life of the party, as evidenced by 12.4% increase in sales over the past 5 years. Interest continues to heat up as cream cheese-based dips get paired with trending flavors, like Buffalo, Pimento, and other spicy options

Our versatile dairy ingredients can help you achieve distinct customized flavors, bold notes, and a well-rounded dairy taste. We offer custom formulation, fermentation, and top-noted flavors to create a unique taste and flavor sensation in the dips and salad dressings category.

We also can help with attaining clean label certifications – such as non-GMO – with real ingredients that ensure product authenticity and help meet regulatory requirements for international distribution.

Our products enhance dairy taste by applying the art and science of flavor.

We can help you create a one-of-a-kind flavor masterpiece, with the exact taste profile you want – and without the sodium you don’t.


Our award-winning flavor enhancer, Ascentra, naturally intensifies salt and other savory nuances in dips and dressings, while minimizing the perception of sodium and helping achieve a cleaner label. In reduced-fat salad dressings, Ascentra can also help to mitigate the acidic feel caused by removing fat.


You can use AMPLIFI as a building block to tailor to your desired flavor with three levels of concentrated pastes: bold, bolder and boldest. It’s easy to mix, requires minimal heating and blending, and can help reduce the cost of extra formulation.

Seasoning Blends

With our seasoning blends, we can harness natural fermentation to dial in flavor notes in dips and salad dressings, or add natural flavors to achieve the desired taste and flavor profile.

Dairy Flavors

Our natural dairy flavor solutions include Cheddar (mild and aged), Parmesan, Nacho, Blue and Asiago. We can heighten dairy taste in dips and salad dressings, mask off-note flavors, or customize options to meet your desired profile.

Featured Application

Our delicious products for Dips and Dressings:

30738Parmesan Cheese Ingredient - BolderAMPLIFI Paste
30918Asiago Cheese Ingredient - BolderAMPLIFI Paste
31220Cheddar Cheese Ingredient - BoldestAMPLIFI Paste
31403Romano Cheese Ingredient - BoldestAMPLIFI Paste
920500042 Romano Cheese Ingredient - BoldestAMPLIFI Paste
920500070Parmesan Cheese Ingredient - BolderAMPLIFI Paste
920500652Butter Ingredient - BolderAMPLIFI Paste
920500658Cream Ingredient - BolderAMPLIFI Paste
920651036Blue Cheese Ingredient - BolderAMPLIFI Paste
920651039Cheddar Cheese Ingredient - BolderAMPLIFI Paste
920651048Romano Cheese Ingredient - BolderAMPLIFI Paste
920651057Blue Cheese Ingredient - BoldestAMPLIFI Paste
920651068Brown Butter Ingredient - Boldest AMPLIFI Paste
920651088Cream Cheese Ingredient - BolderAMPLIFI Paste
920651093Cheddar Cheese Ingredient - BolderAMPLIFI Paste
35702Ranch Seasoning - KosherSeasoning Powder
36618Blue Cheese SeasoningSeasoning Powder
900412362Sriracha SeasoningSeasoning Powder
900412766Tomato Basil & Parmesan SeasoningSeasoning Powder
900413016Chipotle Chili BBQ Seasoning - KosherSeasoning Powder
900413446Sour Cream and Onion Seasoning - KosherSeasoning Powder
900413465White Cheddar and Bacon Seasoning - KosherSeasoning Powder
900413466Jalapeno Ranch SeasoningSeasoning Powder
900432354Buffalo Cheddar Seasoning - KosherSeasoning Powder
900432413Greek Yogurt and Herb SeasoningSeasoning Powder
900443749Sweet Butter Cinnamon Seasoning Seasoning Powder
900444095Cream Cheese Powder - KosherSeasoning Powder
900462103Alfredo Sauce Blend - rBST FreeSeasoning Powder
36500Sodium Reducing Flavor Enhancer - NF. KosherASCENTRA Powder

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Did you know…

Back to the Ranch >

Ranch dips and dressings are a fan favorite, atop everything from veggies to wings to tator tots.

Crazy for Condiments >

Last year’s 2 percent growth in the condiments market is expected to continue.

Keep it clean >

Studies show 93 percent of U.S. households have purchased a clean label product at grocery stores.²

Insights & Trends

To experience how our dairy flavor and ingredient solutions can enhance your dips and dressings, visit our sample tool and choose your preferred flavor and label claim.

¹ Retrieved 2018 December. Significant Trends in Dips and Spreads for 2018 and Beyond, Duke Foods.

² Retrieved 2018 December. Who’s Buying Clean Label Products?, Nielsen.