Eating More Between Meals

U.S. shoppers are snacking 4–5 times per day, to replace a meal, to satisfy a craving, to relieve boredom or stress or to increase energy. More than ever, they look for better-for-you options and simple, recognizable ingredients. Popcorn fits these trends especially well and may exceed $12 billion in sales by 2020, seeing strong growth in the ready-to-eat segment.

Expect snack flavors to move from sweet and salty to spicy and sour, emphasizing international flavors, such as Cuban, Indian and Asian, as well as classic American.

What We Offer

Seasoning Blends − For coating chips, crackers, nuts, extruded and other snacks. Available with on-trend certifications and clean label options.

Powders − Customizable for trending flavors and clean label options. Contact our Sales Department for specifics.

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