Give Rise to Better Bakery

Looking to pull something new out of the oven or add a new flavor to an old favorite?

Our inspired dairy taste and flavor offerings can help take your baked goods to the next level with our bakery ingredients. For many years, we have delivered a variety of dairy-based ingredients to food manufacturers and foodservice operators like you. 

We can help you whip up baked goods that can’t be beat.

Baked goods are taking the cake, as consumers respond favorably to incorporating seasonal flavors into the icings and fillings of their favorite treats. Butter is also enjoying the spotlight as a popular ingredient and flavor in baked goods such as brown butter-flavored donuts. We offer a robust set of dairy ingredient solutions, well suited to the baking industry. We can apply our customized products, functional ingredients and specialized processes to address your needs, whether you want to boost dairy flavor, save money or enhance texture.

We also can help improve nutrition or create a cleaner label by reducing sodium, replacing artificial flavors, or reformulating to achieve clean label certifications – such as certified organic, kosher, halal, GMO-free.

Our products are made from high quality, sustainable dairy ingredients.

We can apply our flavorful dairy-based baking ingredients to create toppings, icings or fillings for your breads, cakes, cookies and crackers.

Dairy-Type Flavors

Our natural dairy-type flavor solutions include Cheddar (mild and aged), Parmesan, Nacho, Blue, Asiago and Butter. We can heighten dairy taste in baked goods, mask off-note flavors, or customize unique options. In closed-textured products like cookies, try cream cheese to meet your desired profile.

Seasoning Blends

Our expert R&D team will partner with you to develop tasty new flavor options. Try any of our seasoning blends, such as Sweet Butter Cinnamon or Cappuccino for breakfast rolls or coffee cakes. Or a savory flavor such as Parmesan Herb on breads and bagels.

Specialty Dairy Powders

Using flavor technologies (such as fermentation, formulation and top noting), our dairy powders serve as the foundation for dairy taste delivery in baked goods and can help achieve the desired flavor profile or texture.

Dairy Powders

Our milk powders can impact viscosity in baked goods through gelling and thickening. For example: dry milk powder gives bread a more golden-brown crust, while increasing protein. Whey delivers a cleaner taste and better texture, while also extending shelf life. And non-fat dry milk supports stability and improves texture in batter and dough.


Our award-winning flavor enhancer, ASCENTRA, naturally intensifies salt and other savory nuances in bakery items such as crackers and more, while minimizing the perception of sodium and helping achieve a cleaner label.


Cheese and bread are such natural pairings. We offer a broad portfolio of hard and soft Italian cheeses and American cheeses, perfect as a topping on bagels and biscuits to mozzarella for pairing with savory flavors like herbs in breads.

Savor the Flavor : Chocolate Chip Cookies

Join Christian Atkinson, Development Chef at DairiConcepts® for an episode of Savor the Flavor. In this episode, Christian creates a delicious chocolate chip cookies using AMPLIFI® Butter.

Our products line for bakery:

100130Anhydrous Milk Fat-Anhydrous Milk FatFood Manufacturing| Foodservice
141194Sodium Reducing Flavor Enhancer - NFNonfat| Kosher| Made with Organic Ingredients| Clean labelASCENTRA Sodium-Reducing Savory Flavor EnhancerFood Manufacturing
141990Fancy Shredded Parmesan Cheese-Cheese - Hard ItalianFood Manufacturing| Foodservice| Retail
141991Shredded Asiago Cheese-Cheese - Hard ItalianFood Manufacturing| Foodservice| Retail
141199Shredded Fontina Cheese-Cheese - Hard ItalianFood Manufacturing| Foodservice| Retail
100134Clarified Butter Oil-Clarified ButterFood Manufacturing| Foodservice
102722Clarified Ghee Butter-Clarified ButterFood Manufacturing| Foodservice
140997Romano Cheese Ingredient - BoldestClean label* Concentrated PasteFood Manufacturing
141023Butter Ingredient - BolderKosher| Halal| Clean label*Concentrated PasteFood Manufacturing
141037Cheddar Cheese Ingredient - BoldestKosherConcentrated PasteFood Manufacturing
920651041Cheddar Cheese Ingredient - Bolder-Concentrated PasteFood Manufacturing
100004Nonfat Dry Milk Powder - Low HeatKosher| HalalDairy PowderFood Manufacturing
100072Whole Milk PowderKosher| HalalDairy PowderFood Manufacturing
100186Sweet Whey PowderKosher| HalalDairy PowderFood Manufacturing
143012Pecorino Romano Type FlavorKosher| Natural (OS)Dairy-type Flavor - LiquidFood Manufacturing
143013Gouda Cheese Type FlavorKosher| Natural (OS)Dairy-type Flavor - LiquidFood Manufacturing
123014Swiss Cheese Type FlavorKosher| Natural (OS)Dairy-type Flavor - LiquidFood Manufacturing
143015Feta Cheese Type FlavorKosher| Natural (OS)Dairy-type Flavor - LiquidFood Manufacturing
141811Aged Cheddar Cheese Type FlavorKosher| Natural (OS)Dairy-type Flavor - LiquidFood Manufacturing
141814Parmesan Type FlavorKosher| Natural (OS)Dairy-type Flavor - LiquidFood Manufacturing
141815Butter Type FlavorKosher| Natural (OS)Dairy-type Flavor - LiquidFood Manufacturing
143050Browned Butter Type FlavorKosher| Natural (OS)Dairy-type Flavor - LiquidFood Manufacturing
142203Vermont Cheddar Cheese Seasoning - Uncolored-Specialty PowderFood Manufacturing
142342Sweet Butter Cinnamon Seasoning-Specialty PowderFood Manufacturing
142450Cream Cheese PowderKosher| HalalSpecialty PowderFood Manufacturing
142500Sunflower Oil Shortening PowderKosher| Halal| rBST-FreeSpecialty PowderFood Manufacturing
141196Butter PowderKosher| HalalSpecialty PowderFood Manufacturing
142522Baker's Cheese BlendKosherSpecialty PowderFood Manufacturing
900413455Parmesan Herb SeasoningKosher| Non-GMO PVSpecialty PowderFood Manufacturing
900444188Cappuccino Seasoning-Specialty PowderFood Manufacturing
900450014Salted Caramel SeasoningKosherSpecialty PowderFood Manufacturing
143345Parmesan Herb SeasoningKosherSpecialty PowderFoodservice
143346Cheddar Mac & Cheese SeasoningKosherSpecialty PowderFoodservice
143347Chipotle Chili BBQ SeasoningKosherSpecialty PowderFoodservice
143348Spicy Citrus Jalapeno SeasoningKosherSpecialty PowderFoodservice
143349Bacon Ranch Seasoning KosherSpecialty PowderFoodservice
100143Sweetened Condensed Whole Milk 73%-Sweetened Condensed MilkFood Manufacturing| Foodservice

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