Mac ‘N’ Cheese Sauce With Fermentation Technology

Using fermentation technology, our Cheddar paste adds a finely-calibrated flavor of blue cheese, butter and savory notes to this sauce.
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AMPLIFI ® Concentrated Pastes are available in 45-pound net weight, poly-lined fiber boxes and in customized packs.

59.38% Milk, 2%
7.55% Vegetable Oil
5.00% AMPLIFI® Cheddar Cheese Ingredient, Bolder 920651001
7.35% Water
9.60% Whey
5.55% MPC, 70%
1.37% Salt
2.75% WPC, 34%
1.25% Starch
0.15% Gum
0.05% Natural Paprika-Annatto Extract Blend