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There are lots of ways to grow in the food industry: enhanced flavors and textures, innovative manufacturing ideas and answering your customers’ demand for healthier, tastier options. We are food industry experts that specialize in staying in front of innovation, technology and consumer trends. When you need innovative growth, we can jump right in with you and find ideas and healthy products that work for you.

Product Customization

Services for companies with large production volume or well-documented strategic development strategies.

Fermentation Technology

Nature’s way of generating unique, clean label flavor notes that can be modulated for impact.

Sensory Testing

A full range of analytical tests helps enhance product appeal and reduce business risk.

Label Declarations

Our dairy experts express an absolute commitment to a comprehensive Quality and Food Safety Management System to ensure consistent product quality.

Halal  •  Organic •  rBST Free •  Kosher •
Non-GMO •  Gluten Free
Reduced Sodium •  Natural Colors & Flavors •
EU •  Vegetarian