Food Manufacturing ingredients

DFA Ingredient Solutions is an established and adaptable global supplier of a broad portfolio of ingredients for food manufacturers and their products that deliver every aspect of nutrition and high-quality dairy taste and flavor. 

Global Supply and Scalability

From regional to global manufacturers, DFA Ingredient Solutions has the scalability to provide dairy nutrition, taste and flavor customized to your specifications. Our secure supply chain and distribution network provides opportunities and advantages for your procurement, quality and development.

Dairy Taste and Flavor Expertise

DFA Ingredient Solutions’ experienced R&D team, along with its reliable milk supply chain supplied by U.S. dairy farmers, ensures you receive high-quality ingredients for your food products that deliver rich dairy flavor, precise texture and reliable functionality—all customized in versatile formats.

Innovation and Quality Support

DFA Ingredient Solutions is well-versed in market trends. When our culinary insights and sensory services are applied to your process, and our nutritional, clean label and declaration customizations elevate your food products, you stay ahead of market demands.

Our Products

The innovative, customized offerings that are consistently served up to our customers are backed by our team of inspired food scientists, quality R&D, and trusted milk supply network, so you can realize greater market success.

Dairy-Type Flavors

Utilizing a broad knowledge of dairy DNA and extensive experience in deconstructing and constructing dairy flavor, we enable food manufacturers to achieve their desired flavor goals with DairiConcept’s line of dairy-type flavors.

Specialty Dairy Powders

The DairiConcepts line of specialty cheese and dairy powder ingredients include a dedicated R&D team that will work with you to achieve the right texture and flavor in your end product.

Concentrated Pastes

When looking to add custom dairy solutions into your products, while incorporating a cleaner format into your production process, DairiConcepts Concentrated Pastes are the perfect solution.  Our pastes are made from real, quality dairy ingredients, offering three levels of flavor intensities to fit your needs.

Seasoning Blends

DairiConcepts Seasoning Blends have been used in leading snack brands for over 20 years. Utilizing our quality specialty dairy powders and R&D expertise, we have an extensive line of trending flavors and clean label options, or can customize a seasoning specific to your needs.

Dairy Powders

As the largest supplier of raw milk in the world, DFA Ingredient Solutions is uniquely positioned to fulfill your dairy powder needs.


Our bulk cheeses are offered in flexible formats and can be customized, so when you have a vision, we’ll help you see it through.


Explore our large spread of butter solutions made with the commitment to quality, industry trends and performance reliability.

Sweetened Condensed Milk

The silky texture and viscosity of our sweetened condensed milk is an ideal ingredient for a wide range of manufactured food products, whether it’s an application that serves as a beverage, meal or snack.

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