The Cheese You Choose Says a Lot About You

We are ambassadors of cheese integrity. DairiConcepts supports the National Cheese Institute’s efforts to protect food manufacturers, consumers and the dairy industry in general from the adulteration of cheese that is labeled as Parmesan but doesn’t meet the FDA’s specified standard of identity. In November 2014, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Journal Sentinel addressed the epidemic of inauthentic cheese, stating that 20% of the volume of hard Italian cheeses sold in the U.S. is not authentic.


Major food manufacturers utilize our bulk-format hard Italian cheeses to provide unique flavor.


DairiConcepts hard Italian cheese is sold to restaurants and foodservice providers.

Retail Private Label

Our dry-grated Italian cheeses are sold under private label brands of major grocery retailers.

Flexible Product Offerings

As a hard Italian cheese supplier, we can produce the flavors, textures, and colors you want. From maximum flavor standards to imitation blends, our broad selection of hard Italian cheese, including dried parmesan, offers great taste and good value with varieties and formats packaged as shown or customized to your needs. Many of our cheeses are available upon request in kosher, halal, organic, rBST-free and NAFTA-compliant versions.

Our hard italian cheese can be utilized in a variety of categories including:


Manufacturing Capabilities

With multiple cheese-making facilities, our Italian cheese company is equipped for large volumes. Our careful adherence to product standards of identity is backed by a quality assurance system of the highest standards. All facilities are SQF Level 3-certified, the highest attainable food safety assurance level within the global SQF code. Major facilities are also certified for organic, kosher and halal production.


Many factors come into play when specifying a new ingredient or switching from one to another. For assistance, call us at 1-877-596-4374 1-877-596-4374, or contact us online.