It’s about your good

As a leading provider of hard Italian cheeses, our great-tasting dry-grated cheeses are sold to consumers under the well-known private label brands of major grocery retailers.

Your customers’ satisfaction comes first. That’s why DairiConcepts is a private label cheese manufacturer committed to protecting your brand and building consumer confidence. We do this by providing high-quality, true-to-spec cheese products that meet FDA regulations. From the authentic flavor of standard-of-identity cheeses to the value of imitation blends, our broad selection of hard Italian and dry-grated cheeses offers many options to grow your store brand cheese through great taste and excellent value.

Manufacturing Capabilities

With multiple cheese-making facilities, we are equipped for large volumes. Our careful adherence to product standards of identity is backed by a world-class quality assurance system: all facilities are SQF Level 3-certified, the highest attainable food safety assurance level within the global SQF code. Major facilities are also organic, kosher and halal-certifiable.

Product and Packaging Options

We can produce the flavors, textures and colors you want. From maximum flavor standards to imitation blends, our broad selection includes varieties and formats packaged as shown or customized to your needs. Many of our cheeses are available upon request in kosher, halal, organic, rBST-free and NAFTA-compliant versions.

Truth in Labeling

Economic adulteration of cheese not only affects consumers, but your brand as well. This kind of practice takes advantage of consumers and hurts legitimate brands who price their products based on the quality of the ingredients they use. Additionally, cheese buyers put their companies at risk for massive consumer complaints should economic adulteration and/or mislabeling of the product be discovered.

How to Order

Many factors come into play when specifying a new ingredient or switching from one to another. For assistance, call us at 1-877-596-4374 1-877-596-4374, or contact us online.