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We can help you put dairy flavor on the menu.

Looking to bring something new to the table. DairiConcepts can help. For over 20 years, we have supplied innovative dairy ingredients for frozen and ready-made food manufacturers.

Frozen packaged meals are hot. Brands are reacting to consumer demands for a wider variety of dietary requirements, including vegan, ethnic, gluten-free and organic. (Food Business News, 11/18). Our dairy-based flavors and ingredients can help address your goals, whether you want to develop a unique flavor profile, achieve a cleaner label, save money or enhance dairy taste in popular ready-made dishes – from creamy pot pies to cheesy lasagna.

We can also offer ingredient options for frozen and ready-made meals that help achieve a cleaner label, by reducing sodium, removing artificial flavors, or replacing butter.

Our products are the cream of the crop.

Our dairy-based products, sourced from Dairy Farmers of America, are made from only the highest quality and most sustainable ingredients:

Dairy Flavors

We offer natural dairy flavor solutions like Cheddar (mild and aged), Parmesan, Nacho, Blue, Asiago and Butter. Our cost-effective dairy flavors can boost your existing flavor profile, such as adding hint of blue cheese to macaroni and cheese.

Hard Grated Cheeses

We offer a variety of real hard grated cheeses, such as Dry Grated Parmesan, Romano, and Cheese Blends to top off prepared bowls and casseroles.


Consumers are looking for less sodium from prepared meals. Our award-winning dairy flavor enhancer, Ascentra, helps to naturally intensify the perception of salt while minimizing sodium for a cleaner label for frozen or boxed meals.


Our AMPLIFI concentrated paste can replace butter in pot pie crust, which helps enhance the buttery flavor – and deliver a 30% cost savings. You can also add AMPLIFI to cream-based and tomato sauces to heighten cheese flavor at the exact desired level of boldness: bold, bolder or boldest.

Did you know…

Real Meal Deal

Ready made meals are the latest craze, filling the void between frozen meals (often pilloried for too much sodium or not enough flavor) and fresh meal kits (considered labor-intensive or packaging-heavy).¹

Frozen is the new fresh

Frozen food sales are up – 1.4 percent* – for the first time in five years, thanks to Millennials who are spending nearly 10 percent more on frozen foods than households did on average last year. Millennials are seeking convenience, affordability and healthiness in frozen meals, as well as the freshness of flash frozen veggies.²

Ready for the World

The Global Frozen Ready Meals Market is expected to grow 4.9%* annually. A key driver is the market demand for prepared foods with natural ingredients with minimal packaging.³

Insights & Trends

To experience how our dairy solutions can enhance your readymade meal products, visit our sample tool and choose your preferred flavor and label claim.

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