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We can help boost flavor and profits.

Looking for a bigger piece of the pizza pie? DairiConcepts can help. For over 20 years, we have been helping brands like yours create a great tasting pizza with our dairy ingredients and flavors.

The global frozen pizza market is projected to grow 6.4% annually through 2023.1 In response to consumer trends, new entrants are introducing better-for-you frozen pizza options with more veggies, plant-based proteins, cauliflower crusts, as well as regional styles.

We have formulated hundreds of customized dairy ingredients and flavors, each built from our base product line of concentrated pastes, seasoning powders, hard grated cheeses, and pizza seasoning blends.  Better yet, our products can help you achieve clean label declarations, such certified organic, non-GMO and rBST free. For example, our AMPLIFI Concentrated Paste adds just three ingredients to your label: cheese, water, and salt.

With our technology and experience, we offer innovative dairy solutions for the pizza category that can help you boost flavor and profits – all with a clean label.

Our versatile products fit your formulation.

We have customizable product solutions that can enhance dairy flavor in your pizzas.

Dairy Flavors

Our natural cheese-type flavor solutions include Cheddar (mild and aged), Parmesan, Nacho, Blue, and Asiago. We can heighten dairy taste in your both red and white pizza sauces, mask off-note flavors, or boost buttery flavor in pizza crusts to meet your desired profile.


Our AMPLIFI concentrated paste can replace butter in pizza crust, enhancing butter flavor – and delivering a 30% cost savings. You can also add AMPLIFI to pizza sauce for a heightened level of cheese flavor: bold, bolder or boldest. AMPLIFI is easy to use: it’s semi-soft to start so it’s easier to handle, mix and formulate into your products. This flavor enhancer can be incorporated into most food systems, like pizza dough, with minimal heating and blending.

Hard Grated Cheeses

We offer a variety of products and real hard grated cheeses, such as Dry Grated Parmesan, Romano, and Cheese Blends.

Seasoning Blends

You can also top off a great pizza with one of our spicy or savory seasoning blends for under or on top of your mozzarella.

Our product portfolio for Pizza:

32190AMPLIFI Butter Concentrate - BolderDough / Bread Sticks
32193AMPLIFI Butter Concentrate - BolderDough / Bread Sticks
31301AMPLIFI Parmesan Cheese Ingredient - BoldestTopping / Sauce
31403AMPLIFI Romano Cheese Ingredient - BoldestTopping / Sauce
920651043AMPLIFI Red Sauce Enhancer - BolderTomato Sauce
920651019AMPLIFI Italian Type - Bolder Tomato Sauce
920651041AMPLIFI Cheddar Cheese Type - BolderTopping
920500658AMPLIFI Cream Ingredient - BoldestSauce
35519Parmesan Cheese PowderTopping / Sauce
35837Fresco Ranch SeasoningTopping / Sauce
35829Hot and Spicy Fry Seasoning Topping / Sauce
35554Bold Buffalo Fry Seasoning Topping / Sauce
50229Dry Grated Parmesan Topping / Tomato Sauce
50211Dry Grated Parmesan Romano Topping / Tomato Sauce
50143Dry Grated Cheese Blend (PRA)Topping / Tomato Sauce

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Did you know…

Mozzarella is King >

Each year, Americans eat an average of 11 pounds of mozzarella per person, making it America’s favorite cheese.

The Future of Frozen Pizza >

Frozen pizza consumption Is on the rise, thanks to more health-conscious ingredients.

Insights & Trends

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¹ Retrieved 2018 November 30. Frozen Pizza Market Expected to Reach $17,296 Million by 2023.