Blue Cheese Seasoning


(12.237 / lb)

Minimum Pack Size: 50 lbs

Provides the qualities of Blue Cheese to seasoning blends, snack coatings, sauces for potatoes, vegetables, pasta, entrées, etc.



SKU: 142432
Packaging: Available in 50 pound net, multiwall Kraft paper bags with polyethylene liners.
Shelf Life: 365 days with proper storage and handling.
Color: Light blue-gray
Allergen Statement: This product contains milk.

These products are food products shipped in bulk form without nutrition facts panels (pursuant to 21 CFR 101.9(j)(9) that are not intended for distribution to consumers in such form and are for use solely in the manufacture of other foods or that are to be processed, labeled, or repacked at a site other than where originally processed or packed.


  • Specially selected, high-quality Blue Cheeses provide a distinctive Blue Cheese flavor.
  • Convenient dry form is easily incorporated into dry blends, wet systems for sauces, etc. and into oil slurries for snack applications.
  • Long shelf life without refrigeration.