Parmesan Cheese Concentrated Paste Ingredient – Bold


Parmesan Cheese Concentrated Paste Ingredient - Bold


(5.798 / lb)

Minimum Pack Size: 45 lbs

Salad dressings, frozen and high-heat red and white sauces and soups, Alfredo sauces, spaghetti sauces, pizza sauces and cheese sauces.



SKU: 140935
Packaging: Available in 45 lb. net weight, poly-lined fiber boxes.
Shelf Life: 270 days with proper storage and handling.
Color: Creamy white
Allergen Statement: This product contains milk.

These products are food products shipped in bulk form without nutrition facts panels (pursuant to 21 CFR 101.9(j)(9) that are not intended for distribution to consumers in such form and are for use solely in the manufacture of other foods or that are to be processed, labeled, or repacked at a site other than where originally processed or packed.


  • This is a paste of natural cheeses with an intensified, balanced Parmesan Cheese flavor for use in both high and low-acid food systems. It has been heat-treated to extend the refrigerated shelf life.
  • Approximately three times the flavor of typical commercial Parmesan Cheese and can be used to replace and/or enhance Parmesan Cheese flavor.
  • Can be incorporated into most food systems without grinding or pre-processing.