Hard Italian Cheese

We manufacture and supply great-tasting hard Italian cheese for any menu item. We craft our cheese with our customers in mind, supplying ingredients that meet FDA standards of identity, as well as your specifications. Our authentic cheeses are always made without unnecessary fillers or additives.

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DFA Ingredient Solutions delivers high-quality cheeses in a variety of formats in the unique flavors you need. From maximum flavor standards to imitation blends, our broad selection of hard Italian cheeses offers unique taste and great value.

We support the National Cheese Institute’s efforts to protect food manufacturers, consumers and the dairy industry in general from the adulteration of cheese that is labeled as Parmesan but doesn’t meet the FDA’s specified standard of identity. 

Your customers’ satisfaction comes first. That’s why our great-tasting dry-grated cheeses are sold to consumers under private label brands of major grocery retailers. We are committed to protecting your brand and building consumer confidence.


Economic adulteration of cheese not only affects consumers, but your brand as well. This kind of practice takes advantage of consumers and hurts legitimate brands who price their products based on the quality of the ingredients they use. Additionally, cheese buyers put their companies at risk for massive consumer complaints should economic adulteration and/or mislabeling of the product be discovered.

Possible Grated Cheese Adulteration

For Parmesan grated cheeses, the FDA’s standard 21 CFR 133.146 for milkfat (dry basis) is 32 percent minimum. Regarding optional ingredients, the FDA allows a certain amount of antimycotic and anticaking agents to be added to cheese products.

When excessive amounts of optional ingredients are added to dry-grated Parmesan, the values of carbohydrates by difference and crude fiber increase and the protein value decreases. This means there is less cheese in the product.

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