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We know you know snacks. And, we understand you’re on the lookout to bring innovative snack sensations to market – potato chips, corn chips, popcorn, nuts, dried fruits, pretzels and crackers –with bold on-trend flavors.

Some of today’s top dairy-based snack flavor trends in the U.S. include cheddar cheese, BBQ, fruity and sweet. Ethnic flavors are also gaining in popularity – from spicy cheese to seaweed. More than a third of chip consumers indicate that enticing new flavors drive their purchases while other snackers seek specific claims, such as certified kosher, organic, clean label, Halal and GMO-free.

DairiConcepts works as an extension of your team to help you bring new flavors to the snack aisle. For more than 2O years, we have worked closely with our customers’ product development teams to help them attain custom flavors in a variety of products. Our R&D team brings a combined 2OO years of experience to the table, actively working with existing and trending flavors to support your specific product formulation.

We partner with you to understand your goals and create a roadmap. Together, we embark on a journey, utilizing our extensive knowledge in bases, blends and flavor science to help you discover the specific taste destination you seek.

This Snack Kit Will Include The Following:

High Protein Garden Salsa Potato Chips

Buttery Cinnamon Dried Fruit

White Cheddar & Black Pepper Cashews

Chipotle Chili BBQ Shaker Jar

NOTE: Allergen Warning: This kit contains milk and tree nuts.

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