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We can help you explore the next frontier in snacking.

Looking to shake things up in snacking with bold new flavor solutions and cleaner label options?

As a seasoning and ingredients manufacturer, DairiConcepts can help you bring something new to the snack aisle. For over 20 years, we have partnered with customers to help them attain desired dairy-based flavors in snack products, from potato chips, corn chips, popcorn, nuts, dried fruits, pretzels, and crackers.

Snacks are experiencing $1B growth in sales, year over year. In part, this growth can be attributed to consumers being more likely to treat themselves when snacks are perceived as clean label.1 Furthermore, millennials – who are more likely to snack multiple times per day than previous generations – seek clean, organic, less-processed and few-ingredient product choices.2

Our R&D teams help customers apply an array of dairy powders, seasoning blends and natural dairy-type flavors and ingredients to deliver distinctive custom flavors to a variety of favorite snack products while meeting clean label certifications – such as certified kosher, Halal, GMO-free, and organic.

Our product has got you covered.

We can apply our flavorful dairy ingredients and seasoning blends to your snack as a topping, coating or filling.

Dairy Flavors

Our natural dairy flavor solutions include Cheddar (mild and aged), Parmesan, Nacho, Blue, Asiago and Butter. We can heighten dairy taste in snacks, mask off-note flavors, or customize unique options to meet your desired profile.


Our award-winning flavor enhancer, Ascentra, naturally intensifies the perception of salt and other savory nuances, while heightening dairy flavor and minimizing sodium.

Seasoning Blends

We can top off your snack with our seasoning powders, using a distinct on-trend flavor, whether you desire something sweet (strawberries and cream), spicy (Siracha) or savory (French onion).

Dairy Powders

Our dairy powders help boost cheese flavors, including Cheddar, Parmesan, Butter, or Sour Cream.

Our product line for flavorful snacks:

35751High Protein Nacho Cheese PowderKosher, NGMO
36500Sodium Reducing Flavor Enhancer NFKosher
39076Greek Yogurt PowderKosher
900413018Sriracha SeasoningKosher
900413023Chipotle Chili BBQ SeasoningKosher, NGMO
900413390Parmesan de ProvenceHalal
900413466Jalapeno Ranch Seasoning Kosher, NGMO
900413504Tomato Chipotle Salsa with CheddarKosher, NGMO
900413505High Protein Garden Salsa SeasoningKosher, NGMO
900413520Strawberries and Cream SeasoningKosher, NGMO
900413534Pepper Jack Type SeasoningKosher, NGMO
900420291French Onion Dip SeasoningKosher, NGMO
900443749Sweet Butler Cinnamon SeasoningCan be formulated to Kosher
900444199Spicy Buffalo Wing SeasoningKosher, NGMO
900444223White Cheddar and Black PepperCan be formulated to Kosher

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Did you know…

Snacks rule >

U.S. shoppers are snacking more often: to replace a meal, to satisfy a craving, to relieve boredom or stress or to increase energy. Many are looking for better-for-you options with simple, recognizable ingredients.

Sugar & Spice >

Some of today’s top dairy-based snack flavor trends in the U.S. include cheddar cheese, BBQ, fruity and sweet. Ethnic flavors (like spicy cheese to seaweed) are also gaining in popularity. (Mintel, 2017)

Flavor is the new favorite >

More than a third of chip consumers indicate that enticing new flavors are driving their snack purchases. (Chips and Dips – US, February 2016)

Insights & Trends

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