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We can help you soup up the dairy flavor.

Looking for a soup or sauce that hits the spot in any season? DairiConcepts can help. For over 20 years, we have been a supplier of innovative dairy ingredients for soup and sauce manufacturers.

Today’s consumers see soup as more than simply a starter, ladling it up as a meal or a snack. While shelf-ready soups are seeing moderate growth (1%), fresh deli-prepared soup sales are up 16% in the past yearIn the sauce category, shoppers increasingly seek products with no added sugar, artificial flavors, artificial colors or high-fructose corn syrup.

Our customizable dairy ingredients can help address your goals, whether you want to create a unique flavor profile, achieve a cleaner label, or enhance dairy taste in cream soups, chowders or savory tomato- or cheese-based sauces.

We can also offer options that help achieve a cleaner label, by reducing sodium, removing artificial flavors, or reformulating Organic, Kosher or Halal recipes.

Our products cause quite a stir.

Our dairy ingredients for soups and sauces can help you serve up flavorful creations, with the exact taste profile you want – and without the sodium, you don’t.

Dairy Flavors

Our natural dairy flavor solutions include Cheddar (mild and aged), Parmesan, Nacho, Blue, Asiago and Butter. We can heighten dairy taste in soups and sauces, mask off-note flavors, or customize unique options to meet your desired profile.

Hard Grated Cheeses

We offer a variety of real hard grated cheeses, such as Dry Grated Parmesan, Romano, and Cheese Blends to enhance dairy flavor in tomato bisque, alfredo sauce, red sauce, chili con queso and more.


Today’s consumers seek less sodium in soups, stews, and sauces. Our award-winning flavor enhancer for soups and sauces, Ascentra, naturally intensifies the perception of salt, while minimizing sodium for a cleaner label.


You can use AMPLIFI as a building block to tailor to your desired flavor in soups and sauces with three levels of concentrated pastes: bold, bolder and boldest. It’s easy to mix, requires minimal heating and blending, and can help reduce the cost of extra formulation.

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Did you know…

The Cheese Stands Alone >

Cheese continues to drive consumption and impact flavor in prepared meals, soups and sauces. With over two of three households making cheese purchases in 2016, it’s no surprise to find cheese flavors blended into or sprinkled upon favorite soup and sauce recipes.

Soup’s On

Soups and sauces seeing a surge in new product development with growing consumer demand for traditional options made with real ingredients that taste homemade. There has been a 12 percent average annual growth of soups with ethnic claims.²

A Soup for all Seasons

Soup’s popularity stems from its versatility. It is highly customizable, readily health conscious, and seldom costly. ³

To experience how our dairy solutions can enhance your soups and sauces, visit our sample tool and choose your preferred flavor and label claim.