Expert Ingredient Science
with Asian Flavor

The Southeast Asian market is one of the highest growth markets in the world for dairy consumption. Food manufacturers are just now developing new applications that utilize various cheeses and butter. With the complexities associated with integrating dairy into various applications, food developers need an ingredient partner that has extensive food science experience and creative insights into regional cuisine.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Dairy Farmers of America, DairiConcepts brings talent, nimbleness, and experience in the Southeast Asia region to help your products become a local success.

Our Products

Concentrated Dairy Pastes

Food companies in Asia are faced with the challenges of incorporating dairy into their applications, ensuring they maintain the dairy flavor notes throughout the manufacturing process. AMPLIFI® Concentrated Pastes is a dairy-based solution for food manufacturers to receive consistent dairy taste and flavor throughout the product shelf life, ensuring batch-to-batch uniformity which can vary in other bulk ingredient offerings.  Optimal for cracker and processed cheese applications, AMPLIFI® provides cost savings, reduced storage space requirements, and a longer shelf life than block cheese.

Dairy Powders

Whether you’re looking for a sweeter cheese flavor in Indonesia or a buttery texture in Thailand, our R&D team works closely with your team to achieve the desired flavor and texture. These powders can be utilized in multiple foods, including snacks, dips, dressing, soups, and sauces. Our award-winning ASCENTRA® sodium reducing, flavor enhancer, helps to further round out flavor with less salt.

Seasoning Blends

Snack manufacturers in Southeast Asia are challenged with developing snacks with traditional and new flavors that stand out from their competitors. DairiConcepts has a team of food scientists and culinary experts with over 200 years of experience. We work with each customer to create dairy-based topical snack seasoning powders tailored for all varieties of snack foods, including chips, crackers, nuts, and extruded snacks. Many of our snack seasonings can be customized to support Halal, reduced sodium, and natural flavors and colors.

Industry Expertise


From prawn crackers to cassava cake to sweet biscuits, the diverse baked goods palate of the Southeast Asian market demands expertise from a versatile ingredient developer. We can help you achieve a clean label declaration, such as Halal, for a range of traditional sweet baked products. With the capability to customize, we will dial in on desired flavor profiles and textures within your baked goods offering, including crackers, biscuits, and wafers.

Dips & Dressings

We deliver bold cheese profiles to boost your current product line. Imagine enhancing regional ready-to-eat dips with a new spectrum of flavors or adding a savory and distinctive Asiago note to Thai salad dressings. We can also formulate for Halal preferences, enabling you to customize to key markets.


As the Southeast Asian market for cheese matures, we can help snack food manufacturers lead the way by offering richer and bolder flavors for extruded, potato, nut, plantain and cracker-based snacks. “We find that [Southeast] Asia consumers require a sweeter cheese,” says Pete Pyeatt, director of product development at DairiConcepts LLP

Soups & Sauces

Creating market distinction begins with your ingredient developer. We can enhance a variety of traditional soups and dipping sauces with subtle cheese notes that make a product stand apart from the competition. By utilizing less block cheese, we do all of this economically, so your rich tantalizing soup or sauce also meets your bottom line.

Our Capabilities

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Dairy Farmers of America — a national dairy marketing cooperative owned by more than 14,000 members — DairiConcepts creates best-in-class dairy taste and flavor solutions for global food companies through our proprietary technology, innovation, and dairy expertise.  No matter what regional cuisine, our experts can customize ingredients using our in-depth knowledge of fermentation and sensory testing. Our taste and flavor technologies are delivered in a variety of formats, with the ability to achieve desired taste profiles and declarations, including cheese and dairy-based powders, seasoning blends and concentrated pastes.