Taking the Next Step Toward a Cleaner Label

Consumers have developed a new taste for food. They like it clean. These demands are reflected in the marketplace as projections of natural and organic products are expected to represent nearly 14 percent of total food sales by 2020. Depending on the consumer, “clean” can include foods that are organic, gluten-free, allergen-free or contain no artificial flavors. Surprisingly, this food paradigm shift is not limited to trendy millennials or Gen Z, as one might think. Baby boomers and Gen X are also just as likely to check out the labels to ensure a clean product inside.

With such a broad spectrum of consumers seeking cleaner foods, manufacturers recognize this demand is more than a trend. Now they face the challenge of developing products that meet these clean label expectations, as cleaner labels can be more difficult to formulate and don’t stay fresh for long. So, how can food manufacturers go clean without compromising flavor, taste, or shelf life?

Fortunately, some ingredient partners are taking the lead with processing options that accommodate the needs of the manufacturer while also satisfying the clean-label consumer. Fermentation is a perfect example of how a well-known and natural food processing method can attain the precise dairy flavor notes a manufacturer wants while maintaining clean label standards.

Most importantly, clean label solutions mean more than just a series of pre-made stock flavor profiles that producers fit into their formulations. Instead, the most innovative manufacturers customize ingredients to fit specific needs. They’re exploring processes, trying out new methods, and doing whatever else it takes to help overcome the flavor challenge. They become more than ingredient suppliers, but rather partners with the manufacturers to help them meet their clean-label goals. This partnership can lead to some inspiring results.

For example, a food manufacturer needed the words “natural flavor” removed from the ingredient deck. DairiConcepts used fermentation as a solution. Now, the consumer sees cheddar cheese, cultured milk, and salt when they glance at the label. Recognizable ingredients (click for source) are simply more appealing to clean-label consumers.

DairiConcepts has become the innovative partner for food manufacturers that need customized ingredient solutions to overcome clean-label challenges. Doing more than just helping food producers achieve their clean label and dairy flavor goals, DairiConcepts is also delivering a product with the desired flavor in mind. That’s the DairiConcepts difference.

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DFA’s Response to COVID-19

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) is committed to ensuring that our farm members’, employees’ and customers’ health and wellbeing is at the forefront of our efforts. As everyone is well aware, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has escalated substantially in the past weeks and days. DFA has been actively monitoring the situation and following Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.

We are dedicated to maintaining supply chain continuity; the fluid milk and powdered milk supply chain is not anticipated to have any substantial impact due to the outbreak. DFA has farm families across the United States providing milk to our manufacturing sites, and multiple plants have the capability to process milk to ensure our customers’ supply chain is not interrupted, even if worst case scenario should occur and a site needs to temporarily cease operations.